There are new prices for the 2014 year on Team 20 apparel. Please go to the Forms and Documents page underneath Resources. Then click on the link that says Apparel Order Form. Print it out and please give it to Mr. Hanley, Mrs. McCann, Mrs. Elis, or Mrs. Barra. Thank you.

The Web Team

Team 20 will be inspiring students of Karigon Elementary School next Saturday, January 18 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM.  This event should be a hands on event, our students interacting with the Karigon students.

What we need–

Working Vex robots from this season

Students willing to control the Vex robots and teach Karigon students about them.

The Frisbee shooter

Someone willing and able to transport the Frisbee shooter to Karigon and back to school.

Students willing to teach the students about the Frisbee shooter and demonstrate for them

Give aways–

I had a thought.  What do you think about creating trading cards of past robots and pass one or two cards to the students?  We could even include our Core Values on one of the card.  If you have time and would like, please see me tomorrow (Sunday) maybe we can create the cards with point values like Pokeman cards.



Dee has probably told you, because of the snow and a -21 with a wind chili of -41 the school has been closed and all the interstate roads.

Those that can, have been meeting at Beatty/ Bemcor instead of the school and surprising enough we were also watching a 2008 DVD.

It was just like yesterday for me. Except a little less grayer and heavier.

It’s been a lot of fun these past 19 years. Great teams, students, mentors, and friends.

You tube is great. Check out “Secrets of a well funded team”, “Beatty is Done”, and many more.

Good luck and may we alliance together.


Mentor of Team 71

Darrell Noble

Sales Engineer

Bemcor Inc a Beatty International Company

Thanks to Bobby for a fun and informative demonstration of how to “vex it up” with a program that will control Vex robots with and without human interaction!

Here is a .zip file of his source code.  Plan to work during Winter Regents week on your autonomous code down at the tech department.  Email mr Hanley for what times will work!

Vex Practice Code from 12-19-2013

In case you didn’t get Mr. Hanley’s email, the meeting for tonight has been canceled due to inclement weather.  It has been moved to tomorrow at 7PM.  Thanks!

Please subscribe for the website to receive updates. We apologize for the password security. Once registered you can change the password to whatever you want. We will verify you are on team 20 and make you a member once you are registered.
Thank you,
The Web Team

The ShenSprint Programming Contest is a challenging and fun opportunity for high school students to improve their Java programming skills. The event encourages the development of creative problem-solving and communication skills as students work with their teammates to generate solutions to programming problems. This event is open to students in 10th, 11th, or 12th. The link to sign up is right here
Thank you,
Mr. Barra


Team Members have been working hard to complete 4 Vex robots for a competition at RPI on Sat December 7th!!








There are a couple of Team20 Robotics Events coming up to be aware of!

1. COOKIE DOUGH $ may still be turned in to Mr. Hanley at Thursday (11/14) meeting!!!! If you have a form and $, please bring it in. Meeting this week will allow for more work time and updates on what is happening.

2. Outstanding job on selling over 1000 tubs of cookie dough. So far, something like $7000 has been raised. Great job Team 20.

3. Congratulations to the go pro camera pick winner Mike Coy, although he quickly swapped for an ipad mini! Excellent job Mike.

4. THIS FRIDAY NIGHT(11/15) is a work day for VEX teams and the mechanical team at least! Mr. Hanley will be @ school from 3:00 on so plan to get vex robots built and tested!!! Please reply to me on this email so I have an idea on who is showing up friday. Bring $3 for pizza and either a drink or dessert and we will order pizza with whoever comes!
Can work late, up to 10:00 PM if necessary!

5. TUESDAY, 11/19 @ 7:00 in room 134 will be an important meeting for anyone interested in Team 20 Business plan and fundraising. Mike Kimball will be giving a dynamic presentation on our business plan, Go Mike!!!!

6. Saturday, December 7th. Vex and Lego League Robotics Competetion RPI.

7. Tuesday, 11/19 after school 2:50-3:50. Tech club training on drill press, band saw and sanders. Come learn safe operation of this equipment for students before build season. Please email Mr. Hanley if you are attending. Limited to 15 students. Thank you.

See our facebook private group for more posts on interesting stuff going on. Ask one of our facebook moderators for an invite to this group. (Freddy , Katelyn are two of the people who can invite you to this.


Mr Hanley
Team 20

Meeting on Thursday October 31 will run from 5-6. This one hour is an optional opportunity for sub-teams to do some focused work. This is not a mandatory meeting. There will be no announcements or wrap up.