Karigon Saturday Science

Team 20 will be inspiring students of Karigon Elementary School next Saturday, January 18 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM.  This event should be a hands on event, our students interacting with the Karigon students.

What we need–

Working Vex robots from this season

Students willing to control the Vex robots and teach Karigon students about them.

The Frisbee shooter

Someone willing and able to transport the Frisbee shooter to Karigon and back to school.

Students willing to teach the students about the Frisbee shooter and demonstrate for them

Give aways–

I had a thought.  What do you think about creating trading cards of past robots and pass one or two cards to the students?  We could even include our Core Values on one of the card.  If you have time and would like, please see me tomorrow (Sunday) maybe we can create the cards with point values like Pokeman cards.