It’s On! Welcome to Ultimate Ascent!

Kickoff for the FRC 2013 game took place today at 10:30 Eastern Standard Time.

Team 20 attended Kickoff at Shenedehowa High School, a slight change from last year, where we attended RPI.  60 Students and about 20 adult mentors, college mentors and parents attended!

It was an awesome and inspirational day for Team 20 – small groups of students and mentors brain-stormed ideas on strategy after carefully reading over all the rules of the game.

A great lunch was served up once again by our parent volunteers! Thank you all so much.

Scheduled work times are as follows:


  • 7-9pm


  • 10-4.

Mandatory Team Meetings are Thursday Nights at HS East.

To those who still have outstanding membership contributions,  you must be paid in order to participate in build season.

Let’s do it,

Mr. Hanley