Hartford Regional 2013

Hartford Regional 2013
Hartford, CT Regional

Drive Team Victorious

This past weekend we competed in the Connecticut Regional sponsored by UTC.

We won all 6 of Friday’s qualification rounds, and after a hard fought final match we made it through our last qualifier on Saturday morning with a 9-0-0 record to maintain our position as first seed.

A grand alliance was formed with Team 195 Cyber Knights and Team 95 Grasshoppers. With 195’s incredible cross court shooter complemented with our floor pickup machine and 95’s purpose built 50 point climber and dumper, we blasted through eliminations to end the regional with a clean 15-0-0.

In addition to being regional winners we also received the Industrial Safety Award and the Quality Award, a testament to our robot’s incredible toughness and reliability.

Thanks to the Cyber Knights and the Grasshoppers for being by our side, we couldn’t have asked for better alliance partners.
Great job to Team 4134 Amsterdam, Team 230 Gaelhawks, and Team 2067 Apple Pi, you guys were a formidable alliance and we’re glad to have gotten the chance to face you in the Finals.
And congratulations to 230 Gaelhawks for being the Regional Chairman’s Award winners, you guys definitely deserved it!

Now the countdown to St. Louis begins!