Drive Team Selection Test Thursday night January 17

Dear Team 20,

It is time to select the drive team for the 2013 robotics season. The drive team consists of a pair of primary drivers, back up drivers, human player, and drive team coach.

This role of driver is one of enormous prestige but also enormous responsibility. While your hands are on the controls, all Team 20 is participating in the match. You will face stress, disappointment, and exhilaration, all in a matter of seconds. Teams will express their love to you, or their disdain. While gracious professionalism governs the competitions, the heat of the moment can cause temporary emotional spikes for which you need to be prepared. Drive team members must have had at least one year of competition experience. Students that have not yet attended a regional competition are welcome to take the test as practice for future consideration.

The Board of Team 20 does not take driver selection lightly. Final decisions for all positions on the drive team will be made by the Board and Advisers of Team 20. Selected members of the drive team will be held to the highest standard of conduct.

There are a couple of steps to the process.

Step 1—a written test.
· This test is difficult. Drivers have to be knowledgeable about the robot, the game, the team chosen game strategy, alliance selection, and other critical details. Do not attempt to take this test without studying.
· The results of the written test will be shared with the Board. Based on the scores, the top students will be notified that they have made it to the second round of the selection process

Step 2—Driver Training
· Driver training will take place at our practice field at the Rensselaer Technology Park. Parents of driver candidates are asked to participate in chaperoning capacity during these sessions.
· Driver training will continue through build season and competition season. Most sessions will occur on weekends, though it is not unheard of that a night or two of driving practice may be scheduled (all the more reason to get the robot completed and programmed EARLY.)
· A primary drive team and back up drivers will be selected based on participation in practice sessions, strategic thinking and responsiveness, and willingness to follow instructions of the drive coach and alliance partners (mock situations measuring these characteristics will be conducted through the driver training sessions).

Human Player Selection
· Human Player candidates are expected to take the written driver test. They must be as knowledgeable on the competition field as the rest of the drive team.
· Step 2 of Human player training will occur under the supervision of Carl Springli.

Driver Coach Selection
· Driver Coach Candidates are expected to take the written test. They must be even more knowledgeable than the rest of the drive team.
· There is a second part of the written test designed especially for candidates for Driver Coach
· Driver Coaches must have a more global understanding of the competition, learning the strengths and weaknesses of the teams at the competition and exhibiting gracious professionalism at all times.
· Driver Coaches must communicate and strategize with alliance members throughout the competition.
· Driver Coaches must listen and work with the drive team mentor and the Pit engineers. On the spot decision making is required depending on the match and functionality of the robot.
· Drive Coach Candidates are expected to participate in driver training and activities noted above.

Written Test will be administered on Thursday Night January 17 from 8:00 to 9:00, during our scheduled meeting.