Capital Region FIRST Team Programming Workshop

Dear Team 20,

We will be hosting a programming workshop for all Capital Region FRC teams
on Friday December 14 at 4:00, HSE Little Theater.

We are honored that Professor Brad Miller and student Alex Henning are
willing to make the trek from WPI, Worcester MA to share a framework
developed specifically for FRC programming–both JAVA and C++.

The presentation will be about an hour-and-a-half. Following the
presentation we are inviting teams to the tech rooms to download the tool
and “play”. Our practice robot will be in the tech rooms for this purpose.

At last count 12 teams will be joining us!

This event is SO important for SO many reasons:

– Capital Region FIRST is growing
– Robots requirements are getting more and more sophisticated, the
better we are at programming, the better our robots will be at competing
– Hosting FIRST teams now will hopefully help teams feel comfortable
coming to us in partnership during the build season
– Make friends! The students coming will likely be your room mates in
college down the road.
– Making connections now will pay off down the road as many of these
teams will be with us at the WPI or Hartford Regional Competition


Many of these teams are having a hard enough time figuring out which
building to go to let alone how to find the Little Theater.

Please let me know if you are available (students, parents, or mentors) to
act as greeters on Friday afternoon, helping teams feel comfortable in our
school, and directing them to the Little Theater.

In addition, we need students familiar with last years robot that are
willing to:

– charge batteries
– get the robot going
– work with teams that may want to upload code

This is such an important event in so many ways. Your help will ensure
that event will be successful.

All Team 20 students that want to learn how a robot is “brought to life”
are welcome to attend.

Please RSVP and let me know if you are able to help out.