Announcement for Those Interested in Programming

To all those who are interested in programming this year (and those have been inspired by Brad Miller and Alex Henning’s presentation), take a look at Team 20’s GitHub source code repository for 2013.

This will allow everyone to have access to source code from anywhere with an Internet connection, as well as keeping everyone up to date. This is a professional tool that real developers and programmers use on a daily basis to maintain consistency, professionalism, and allow reversions to be made.

Also on Git-Hub is a wiki page detailing some of the steps in setting up your computer to be able to code for this year (including setting up Git version control), as well as some resources for the new Robot-Builder and Command-Based Robot Template that we’ll be using.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me! My email is

Git-Hub repository:
Git-Hub wiki page:

Brennon Brimhall