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Day 34: snow day, no full team meeting

Today was a snow day as we had about 8-10″ of snow roll through between the hours of 4am and 3pm today. Luckily the weather cleared in time for about 20 people to show up for a build night, but

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Day 33: Assembly and more assembly

Awards are due tomorrow, so they were submitted to the FIRST server tonight. Assembly takes center stage again, with many new components going on the bots. Programmers made another step in gear placement, field build continued construction of the wooden

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Day 32- Build Continued

Main focus continues to be assembling mechanical components onto the frame, requiring all of the time of the assembly, manufacturing, and design; programmers continue to work on targeting for the gear placement, awards crew continues to work on the text

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Day 31: manufacturing & assembly and more

With 2 weeks to go in the build season the robots are taking shape. Weekdays tend to be short build days, but progress on assembly programming, design and more was accomplished today. We also enlisted the assistance of the construction

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Day 30: Sunday

Focus will continue to be on design/manufacturing/assembly until both robots are complete. Programming, field build, and awards also continued to work toward goals in their prioritized list of autonomous modes, field lift & airship, and completion deadlines respectively. Assembly team

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Day 29: Saturday 2/4/17

Build season continues into week 5, with 17 build days to go until bag and tag. Field build crew is at the practice field and making the lift and assembling a material list for the construction class to build an

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Day 28: build, awards, programming

4 weeks into the build season and robot assembly is on time according to the schedule built at the time of the game reveal. The goal for this weekend is to have a drive-able base by the end of Sunday.

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Day 27: full team meeting, visit from Town Supervisor

Our full team meeting was well attended with about 100 students, parents and mentors. Clifton Park Town Supervisor Phil Barrett visited, and all technical subteams met for build. Co-captain announcements included a note about optional apparel which is also available

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Day 26: programming breakthrough, progress on assembly

Today the programmers have code that looks very good in terms of target acquisition and angle control. Starts with a relatively quick motion then moves to the target a little slower if not within tolerance after a second or so.

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Day 25: practice bot assembly, etc

Short build day included frame welding for the comp bot, CAD handoffs to manufacturing, assembly of the practice robot on the welded frame, programming for auto driving and angular control using NAVX, and climber prototyping. Both robot frames are welded

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